LUFTIKID child retention system

Travel safety for kids... No LUFTIKIDS available at this time!

BUT: There are strong efforts to get a new LUFTIKID production moving. Please participate on the crowdfunding platform to raise the required capital and at the same time PRE-ORDER your LUFTIKID.

Pierre Depireux is in charge for the linked crowd funding project. He has been engaged for LUFTIKID for a long time and now holds the rights of the product. We deeply appreciate his work and your participation and we shall be very happy when - based on our and your contribution - your child and other children will be able to travel safely with the new LUFTIKID in the near future. More informationen:


LUFTIKID® is unique in many ways:

  • Inflatable child restraint system with airbag type safety concept for lap belt and three-point belt use (shockproof multiple air chamber system)
  • Use in vehicles as well as aircrafts*
  • Long term use for a child’s age ranging from about 9 months up to 7 years (9 to 25 kg / 20 to 55 lbs.) Back part for children up to 4 years included
  • Easy to store and to take along (only 1,2 kg / 2,6 lbs.)

LUFTIKID® is tested and approved:

  • ECE R44/03
  • Luftikid DUOTUV-ID-Nr. 7011000571 - for use in aircraft (only DUO) see
  • Crash tests TUV and MPA Stuttgart with results at above average safety levels
  • Long term practical experience

LUFTIKID® UNO order and information:

    info [at] luftikid [dot] eu

    Tel. +49 - 2224 - 123 94 30

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